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FivD is a design technology firm with offices in Dallas, New Delhi, and Mumbai. Founded in 2019 by Gaurav Chopra, who formerly spearheaded the India operations of HKS, FivD reimagines how people engage with the entire value chain of design.

Working collaboratively, the firm’s 30-strong, multi-disciplinary team are adept at solving problems. By bringing together varied stakeholders from across geographies, they identify, categorize, and prioritize critical gaps relating to how AEC projects are designed, delivered, and managed. A unique approach based in data and research then enables FivD to optimize processes and systems. 

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as BIM, digital twins, LIDAR/Photogrammetry and predictive programming, the firm empowers its clients and partners to make decisions that are informed, accurate and effective. The results are exceptional –– end-to-end solutions that are delivered seamlessly to drive value-driven projects, thereby shaping a better built environment.

FivD’s geographic footprint stretches across 50 cities and 15 countries in North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and South Asia and spans diverse typologies: from residential, commercial, and mixed-use to healthcare, hospitality, and sports and entertainment. 

Projects span across geographical locations and sectors, be it a Mixed Use Development that includes a 230-key hotel, 105 branded residences, and a 13-story office tower in Bangalore, India to a Cricket Stadium in Dallas, that will introduce Twenty-20 league cricket to North America. Notable projects covering various sectors also include the Midland Metropolitan Hospital in UK, a 1600 Key Seaside luxury Hotel with a theme park in San Diego, North America, a 250-bed Women, and Children hospital planned on a dense urban site in Dubai and a health care facility spread over 38 acres development, dedicated to healing, and creating a sustainable community in Kochi, India. 

Projects slated for completion soon include a GRIHA-certified 500-bed hospital in New Delhi, a 1200-bedded Super Specialty Hospital in Delhi and the Luxury Resort in Maharashtra where FivD is offering varied end-to-end solutions in Virtual Design Construction, Design Management and Medical Equipment Planning along with Architecture and Interior Design.

Paving the way for Innovation

Architecture is not merely a construction, but it is a tool that helps in redefining the parameters and providing new heights of innovation to the Construction Industry. At the moment, the relation between these crucial aspects of a real estate projects are disconnected. FivD redefines the process by offering ONE integrated solution that blurs the lines between design & construction. Data driven and technology led, We aim to enhance the user experience and provide better economic outcomes for your facility. We enable you to track and measure all key aspects of your capital investment irrespective of the location of your project and teams. We support and deliver seamlessly by leveraging on technology, research and real-time data.

How can we Seamlessly Integrate?