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October 27, 2021 0 Comments

We: The FivD

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Historically, communities have an unconscious bias in the workplace, and that practice has led to the significant squandering of talent and efficiency. Our businesses are transforming themselves to rectify the age-old practice of injustice towards employees and discrimination based on gender, color, creed. FivD emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion as part of helping “our people” become better.

FivD has realized employing people across different genders, races, nationalities, and sexual orientations is not enough. We believe only providing a position or voice to their perspectives is not enough to create a ripple in the ocean/change in communities. Inclusion is about ensuring that it does not fade a noise in the crowd, opinions are considered and an individual’s value to the team is unparalleled.

The first step towards achieving our goal of understanding unique problems and providing innovative solutions begins with our recruiting strategy. We are proud to be a leading gender-neutral firm of the nation with an emphasis on bringing people together from diverse backgrounds. At FivD we are proud to have women as figureheads across many disciplines.

An equal opportunity to excel and providing them with equal pay drives us. Success is a coherent collaboration of human minds sharing unique and productive ideas on the same platform.

People with different backgrounds, experiences and cultures have offered innovative and creative ideas, which created our thriving micro-community, thus having a positive impact on business.

What does diversity, equality and inclusion have to offer in an organization?

It’s well-known that diversity in teams leads to better decision-making, greater innovation and ultimately higher returns. But inclusion is what connects people to the business, and we at FIVD believe it’s one of the core reasons people thrive professionally and personally.

In an inclusive work environment, employees feel more comfortable sharing their unique ideas with everyone. The unique ideas help businesses stand out from their competitors. At FivD, we love to hear innovative ideas from our colleagues, encourage their participation in all lines of business and are not limited to operations and project deadlines. We understand that running a business cannot be a one-man show, it needs constant input and brainstorming from all the members. According to a study by social scientist Adam Galinsky, people who have close relationships with someone from another country score higher on creativity tests.

Increased productivity at the workplace.

Professionals feel comfortable in an inclusive company. We value differences and create an environment where people can feel comfortable bringing their “full selves” to work. We like to conduct brown-bag sessions to brainstorm on various topics. We do not limit ourselves to think only about projects, profit, and loss statements but their mental well-being as well which creates a group of happy and motivated individuals ready to take on mammoths of tasks. The employees themselves create agendas and update the systems and processes thus creating a self-evolving workplace. At FivD everyone is encouraged to take ownership and advocacy of their role and contribution to the ecosystem of the organization.

Our history of long-term employees shows allegiance as a result of respect and recognition they have received throughout the years. And, at FivD it makes us proud to be an active partner in sharing the idea of diversity, inclusiveness, and gender equality which form our pillars of success.

Author: Aarzoo Chauhan