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Computational Design

Automating design thinking

The FivD approach seamlessly translates intuitive design processes into encoded solutions. Harnessing over two decades of industry experience, we offer a computation-based process of design, combining architecture with parametric modelling, machine learning and generative design for seamless execution.

Point Cloud Scanning using LIDAR & Photogrammetry

What you see is what you get

By transforming images of existing built conditions into intelligent Scan-to-BIM models using LIDAR and Photogrammetry, we offer you a fundamental advantage — the maximum documentation precision in the shortest possible timeframe. Leveraging this, our team helps you conceptualize the most comprehensive, site-sensitive design interventions for conservation, adaptive reuse or refurbishment projects.

Digital Twin

The future is digital

The digital twin is an architectural construct — a virtual model of a building that lives a project's life cycle, providing real-time performance data. With this feedback informing the design process, we help you plan your project to mitigate potential challenges at each stage.

Predictive programming

Visualizing the road ahead

As a part of our strategic and technical delivery offerings, we provide advice and technical support on how to effectively capture, store, visualize and maximize the value of data held by your organization and build an asset life cycle. With access to artificial intelligence tools backed by predictive programming, you can better rationalize the data within your project portfolio, or gain better insights using analytics.

Virtual Design Construction

Shaping reality, virtually

Our multidisciplinary team, which includes accomplished digital strategists, architects, and computer programmers, is adept at identifying and solving problems. Using adaptive BIM platforms, we work collaboratively across geographies, managing the entire value chain of design for you -- to enable integrated project delivery.

Design Management

Streamlining project delivery

We like to stay ahead of the curve. By streamlining workflows using LEAN design principles, we optimize project timelines and resources — empowering you to achieve the most effective real-estate asset management solutions.

Applied Research/ Technology Solutions

Designing for Impact

Our decisions are informed by data and research. By engaging in rapid prototyping and evidence based design, we constantly identify opportunities for improvement to ensure our solutions are flexible and designed for an ever changing present.

Sustainable Design

Driving sustainability as a holistic goal

By optimizing use of resources, using data-driven strategies in design, and enabling resource-efficient decision-making, we make sustainability an intrinsic part of the projects we work on. Sustainability and high-performance design are ingrained in our approach and enable us to create efficient and innovative solutions.

We provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) services, coupled with powerful design and simulation tools, fostering greater collaboration between project teams.

This convergence is impacting how the three disciplines of the design, construction, and asset management (DCA) are working today,
and how they anticipate working in the future
– in the form of a Digital Twin.

  • Architecture & Interiors
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP)
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM/ VDC)
  • 3D Scanning
FivD has experience across USA, UK, EU, Middle East, Australia and South East Asia; working with Architects, Engineers, Developers/ Project Owners, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, PMC firms and Building Product Manufacturers. Working with FivD will give you an access to our proven global credentials and experience of implementing industry best practices
Data Security

FivD understands the importance of data security and maintain a state-of-the-art secure environment and network, keeping in mind Client Confidentiality. Ensuring seamless access to project information that is managed as per defined protocols including Cloud based collaborative setups. Any special project data security requirements are regularly addressed to Client satisfaction.

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