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fivD Academy

A sought-after program started by fivD to build a skilled workforce of future visionaries and leaders in AEC, this academy is run by the employees at fivD. Every year, we receive thousands of applications seeking training in new-age design technologies like BIM and Revit. We shortlist applicants from across the globe, develop their skill-set to match international practices and help them find employment. Contact us at to know about our courses.

Practice Technology

Practice technology is our in-house group of tech geniuses involved in designing clever ways to automate or streamline workflows for faster delivery. This group helps develop the necessary plugins, design smart digital libraries, build smoother workflows and create productive dashboards that help enhance performance. They also make remote working possible across continents by building project rooms that bring teams together in real-time for better collaboration.

Mindful Materials

Mindful Materials is a global movement, of which fivD is a founding partner in India. It’s a collaboration hub for designers in the industry to build a common framework and access a curated and connected materials library. Mindful Materials functions with the focus of building a sustainable future where materials are simple, easy to find and standard in buildings.

Sustainability Group

A research-oriented group of industry experts who work towards discovering new ways to expand capabilities in sustainability. We work on energy modeling, evaluation and skill-building.

Technical Group

The executors of the lot! Our team of experts help plan, monitor and control project delivery by working on all aspects. These include project protocol, quality control, and design construction.

Visualization Team

The experts who imagine futures beyond the wildest dreams. We are the group that’s involved in actually bringing clients’ visions to reality..

The fivD MAG

A culmination and testimony of what makes us a fun workplace, this monthly magazine is an in-house project. We started this as a means to help employees go beyond their projects and find ways to connect with individuals they work with and with themselves. This magazine highlights fun anecdotes, activities, and games, designed for the people around us to know them beyond their professional facades.

Community Engagement

Every year we pick a project to give back to the community.

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