Heritage Hotel Reimagined, USA

2019 – Hospitality – In collaboration with Principal Architect

Heritage Hotel Reimagined, USA

  • Sector : Hospitality
  • Location : Dallas
  • Area : 263,480 Sq ft
  • Software used : AutoCAD, Revit, Bluebeam

A modern impression on an ancient hotel

A refurbishment of dreams! This project is a unique refurbishment project for a historic heritage hotel in Dallas. From the interior to the exterior facade, changes were made while keeping the historical importance in mind.

The Beginning

The client approached us for the refurbishment seeking counsel on the walls to demolish, the changes to be made and the facade to be built in a way that it maintains the historic identity and sanctity of the place.

The fivD effect

The whole project was handled remotely where the client shared images and maps with us. Since the hotel was built in 1960, we relied on the old maps by local architects and descriptions for much of the work.

On finding certain elements and parts of the complex missing, our team used google earth images and laser scans to determine what the place would look like in actuality. These scans and images helped us envision and remodel the hotel into a modern and luxurious space rooted in history.

The neighborhood around the hotel cannot be changed from the exterior since it is of historical importance. We worked around the structures to strategically refurbish the hotel with absolutely no damage to the neighboring complex. The interiors were tastefully refurbished to give a sense of luxury while maintaining the cultural and historical significance of the hotel and the surrounding areas.